Monday, May 7, 2012

What if we really lived like Jesus?

As we've been on this journey of looking for a church, I've been thinking a lot... Why are there so many? There are so many denominations because we can't all agree. Everyone has their opinion and idea about what should happen. But what if the church actually came together as one body as we are suppose to be, and we set aside our differences and just lived like Jesus. The world would be changed. People would come to Christ. Christians wouldn't be looked at as hypocrites, but we would be loving, humble people. I'm tired of all the stupid stuff churches in America do. It's time to rise up in the power of the Holy Spirit and shake this nation. Let's light a fire in our souls that cannot be quenched. Let it spread like wildfire and burn for Jesus.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Just a little intro to my mind...

The first post of a new blog... what to say, what to say...

I don't really have any big news or exciting things to say, but simply my thoughts for today.

We didn't get to go to church today because Alli (our puppy) accidently turned on the stove and the house smelled like gas so we took her to the park to avoid having a sick puppy. Before I really wouldn't have cared about skipping church because I didn't enjoy it, but now that we've started going to a new church I really like it again. I know that my relationship with God shouldn't be based on what church we're going to, but when you don't have support from people at church and it's just boring that really does hinder your personal relationship with God. Things have been rough lately with some really stupid drama that was going on at church, and now that we've removed ourselves from the situation I think things are going to get a lot better. Now we're in a church where the people are friendly and what to get us involved, and people want to get to know us. It's nice to feel wanted.
Well other than all that not a lot is going on. We bought some new canvases yesterday so hopefully I'll get some creativity going and paint some new things. I'm hoping to get a shop set up on Etsy and try to sell some of my art work and also some handmade journals. I would really enjoy doing that, so I hope it works out. I know it may take some time though, so I hope I can stick with it long enough to see some results.
I'm not sure what I want this blog to really be about. At first I was thinking I would post all about art, and that's it... but I don't think I'd really enjoy only posting about art. There is so much going on in my mind, so many thoughts, and ideas that I just want to get out. So I think this will be a place for my mind to just go free and put out all of my ideas and thoughts and just everything. I'm sure there will be plenty of posts about art, and the things I'm creating but also about my relationship with God and what I'm learning. Ideas I have about the church and the world...  yea kind of just my mind on paper (well I guess not paper but you know what I mean).  I'm sure not really anyone will read this for a while, but hopefully one day there will actually be people reading my blog, and hopefully it will mean something to them.