Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hope is Found in Love

So I decided to start posting about my art. This is a piece that I actually made a while back, but I decided to write about it now because I really like it. It's titled Hope is Found in Love obviously by the text on the canvas. I painted it when I was just meditating on the Lord, and things about my life. There were so many times when I felt as if there was no hope for things to change, but then I would remember that there is hope in love, and there is a verse that says "God is love" so essentially there is hope in God. I know not everyone believes in the same thing, but really the only way to have hope no matter what the circumstance is to look to God. He already know what's happening, and he knows how you can overcome it and be able to stand again. So this painting is very simply a face looking up toward God for hope to get through all of life's struggles.

This painting is available for purchase. Leave a comment if you are interested. I can simply make a print of it, or I can sell you an original. You can also let me know what size you would like. Thank you so much for your support. All money I make from my art will go toward creating more art, and also part of it will be set aside in a missions fund, for my husband and I to be able to go on a mission trip together in the future. Right now I don't know where we will go, but I'll let you know when we decide. 

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