Monday, March 10, 2014

College Adventure... and More

This past Friday was the end of my first two college classes. I'm so glad I made it through pretty smoothly. My first two classes were fairly easy so I didn't really have any problems with them. I know it's just going to get harder from here, but I'm so excited to continue and much less nervous now that I've got two classes down.
I'm looking forward to getting started with my first psychology class next week. I'm pretty sure it's going to be hard, but I like a challenge.
This week I have no classes, but I have a ton of work to do to get ready for my very first craft fair. It's March 22, and I just found out that it's actually a really big fair. I thought it was on the smaller side, so I thought I'd be ok with a smaller amount of products, but now I've realized that I need to make a ton. So this week I will be trying to build up my inventory, and figure out my display and prices and everything. I'm excited about it, but nervous at the same time. I've never done anything like this before so I'm just hoping that people like my stuff, and hopefully we can make some extra money.
Well, that's really all I have to say for now.. I'm sure I'll think of more later, but there just isn't a lot going on right now. 

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