Thursday, January 23, 2014

Wintery Weather and Other Things

Now don't get me wrong, I like winter and snow and such, but it has been so cold this winter. Once again, our pipes are frozen and have been all day. I know it's not as cold here as places like Wisconsin or Alaska or other cold northern places, but I'm not enjoying it. The cold hurts my face when I step outside. It's just not nice, rude weather!

So aside from the weather, things are going quite well with my classes. One of the classes isn't really my favorite, but it's required so I'll deal with it. Only 6 more weeks after this one. It wouldn't be so bad, but most of what I've read so far in the book is all stuff that I learned in high school in my business classes. So it's just like a refresher course... but I'll deal.

I'm thinking about summer classes, and if I want to take them. I should so I can get ahead, but do I want to? Probably, I mean what else am I going to do this summer? Even if I just take 1 or 2 classes that will still help me get a little bit ahead. I really want to graduate in less than 4 years. I know I'm going to have to work really hard, but I have all the time in the world right now so I might as well take advantage of it. 

I started a short devotion series yesterday about choosing one word for the year. One word to study, improve upon, share with others... just one word to focus on all year. I haven't chosen my work yet, but I've been thinking of some ideas. I think it's a pretty neat concept to choose one thing to focus on for a whole year. I've never really done it before, but I think it's a great idea. I think it's something I need with starting school. It will help me to keep focus on something other than school. I'll let you know when I choose my word, and why I chose it. Stay tuned for more info in the next few days.

Eagles! They are so beautiful and majestic. Living a long the Mississippi River has it's advantages when it comes to bird watching. Because of how cold it's been this year the river is mostly frozen. There are small areas where the water is accessible and there have been dozens of eagles gathering at those little water holes. Last Sunday we drove downtown after church and saw 17-18 in one area. It's been pretty cool being able to watch them fly around and get fish and stuff. 

Well, I think that's all I have to say for now. I know this was super random, but I'm just trying to get into the habit of writing again, and this is the best place to do it. If you have an idea for my "one word" for the year please leave a comment below.

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