Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Bit Behind

Well I haven't posted for a while. I've been a bit busy lastely. Yesterday was our first year anniversary and we stayed in STL Friday night. Saturday we went to the zoo and did some shopping at World Market (love that store so much) and then Sunday of course was church and youth group. Then yesterday we went to an apple orchard and then went to Hobby Lobby. So I haven't had much time for anything... now I'm feeling a bit ill, so I'm not sure how much I'll get done this week either, and then this weekend is really crazy. There's a youth retreat Friday-Sat. then the Folklife Festival Saturday and my little sisters birthday party at my parents house. Then sunday is church, then little sister's party at Bonkers, then youth group. So yes, very crazy. Hopefully I'll be able to make some time for art though. I'll try to at least do some tags this week, and get them posted. Next week hopefully will be back to normal and I'll be back with Mixed Media Monday and Tag Tuesday.

Well on a totally different note... I'm really struggling with the whole not having a job thing. We want to be able to get a house, and right now that's just totally not possible because with only Adam working we have no way of having any kind of down payment. If I could just get a job then we could start saving money for a down payment, and we'd be able to get a house. Why is it so hard? I really don't understand... I'd really like to make at least a little extra money from my art. If you are interested in purchases anything from me please let me know. I'm also going to start making some juice pouch crafts. I have a coin pouch that I made for myself, and I could make those and sell them for $10 each. I'm also going to explore making wallets from juice pouches. I make art journals/ sketchbooks / journals as well. If you are interested in purchasing one let me know and we can discuss options. I feel like right now I'm not contributing anything, and if I could make a little money from my art, I would feel like I'm actually doing something. So please consider helping us out with this.

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