Sunday, March 10, 2013

New Beginnings

A while back I opened an etsy shop and posted a couple items, but I really didn't advertise or tell people about it at all so it failed. I just put any effort in to it, so nothing happened. But I have decided to open again. I have a new shop name now, and I'm creating new things for it from earrings to graphic design prints and I'll be adding some prints of my art work. The shop isn't open yet, but my goal right now is to open in two weeks. I'm not totally sure if it will happen, but that's my hope. I've had the hardest time finding a job since we moved to Missouri in 2011, so I decided to create my own. Why not make money doing what I love to do. So I hope you will check out my shop when it opens, and hopefully make some purchases.

I'm really going to try to keep my blog more up-to-date with things going on, and hopefully I'll start doing more art that I can post on here. I'm going to try art journaling again, so I'll see how that goes and hopefully have lots to share with you.

Well for now, I leave you with a question... what do you do to get creative? What helps get your creative juices flowing?

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