Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Day 12

Wow, I'm really not doing so hot with blogging every day. But oh well, I'm still blogging more than I ever have before.
So I really haven't done anything creative or artistic since last weekend when Adam and I painted the trees, and I'm still not done with that project. But this past weekend was pretty busy. Friday we went to the Hannibal Arts Council Gallery and I submitted to pieces of artwork to the Originale Exhibit. The reception is Friday where they will announce awards. That part makes me nervous, but oh well. Then Saturday was the Fall Fling at church so we helped out with that. We worked at the inflatable bounce house slide thingy. So that was fun. I had to go in and rescue a couple kids, one that kind of had a panic attack, and one that just didn't want to come out. Then we went to my parents house for dinner. Sunday we had church in the morning, then grocery shopping right after, and youth group that night. So it was a full weekend, with no time for art sadly. But I really enjoyed myself. Sometimes it's nice to be busy like that especially since I'm just home all day.
Also this past weekend we went into another gallery downtown, Gallery 310, and talked to them about having some of our displayed there. So now I just have to paint some things that I'm willing to part with and take them in for the artists to look at and decide if they want to display them. So it sounds pretty promising. I would absolutely love it, and just getting to be a part of a group of artists will be great. So Adam and I are both pretty excited about that.
Well I think that's about all I have to say for now. Hopefully we'll do some more paintings or something this weekend and I'll have something more interesting to blog about.

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