Monday, September 24, 2012

Day 23


Bad things just keep happening, and it makes you stop and just ask, "Why God, Why? What purpose does this serve?" Then I have to stop and remind myself that even though right now I can't see any good in this, God can and does work all things out for the good of those who serve him. So I'm trying to see the bigger picture and see that God really is taking care of us, and he is totally providing for our needs. Just a little bit ago our tv got fried by a spilled cup of cappuccino. It sucks, and Adam is trying to see if maybe he can save it, but I know that without the tv working I will have a lot of time with nothing to do. So with that time I could read my bible more, or paint more, or practice drawing more. So maybe that is the good that will come from it. Sometimes when bad things happen you just have to step back and try to find a new perspective. So I'm going to work on that this week.
On a more creative note. I did start drawing some today. I'm going to try to learn how to draw people. That's the one thing I've just never been good at. So I'm going to work on it. I'll post some pictures tomorrow of what I've done so far.

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