Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Day 4 and 5

Yesterday I was getting ready to write my blog post, and my head starting hurting horribly and I couldn't look at the computer screen anymore.

I worked on my painting a little bit more, but it's still not done yet. My goal is just to have it finished by this weekend. I really like how it's looking so far though, and I really love Adam's. His is pretty much finished, so I'll post a picture of it tomorrow.

Today did not go as I had planned. Our house is a complete mess, and my plan was to wake up and start cleaning. However when I woke up I found that my puppy had eaten one of my favorite shoes. Then I went out for maybe 30 minutes and came home to find that she had pooped in the house. Later in the day I had to go with my dad to the doctor, and when I got home from that she had gotten a paint brush from the utility closet and eaten the wooden handle. I'm not sure what her deal was today. She doesn't normally do things like this. So as you can imagine my day was a little frustrating, and I didn't get any work done. At least not so far. Hopefully I'll get a little done before bed.

I'm trying to get more done with our new facebook page, Shackle Designs. Please check us out on Facebook when  you have time. I would really appreciate it. I'm realizing just how hard it is to really get going with selling art, and even just getting people to look at it online. A lot of people "like" it, but they don't really want to spend the money to own it. So that is a bit frustrating, but I'm sure all artists have gone through that. I would love to be a full time artist someday, but I'm not sure how realistic that is. It seems that there are few people who can actually make a living doing art. But if I could do anything in the world that's what it would be. Well to be an art therapist actually, but it's still being an artist. So I would love that. The problem is that involves college, and right now we really don't have the money to be able to do that. Things are really tough right now, but hopefully one day it will get at least a little easier. Until then, I'll just keep creating, and hoping that other  people invest in my creativity.


  1. that's weird, some of my comments were deleted/didn't show up. Hope you have a better day today *hugs*

  2. oh i'm sorry your comments didn't show up, i haven't deleted any.
    i'll try to have a better day today, but so far it's not turning out so great. alli pooped in the storage room again...